Eru Esta

returning home.

Jemma and Deuce return from space travel to Eru Esta. They have just received word that space travel has been banned by the Mindful Mirion. The year is 3089 MM and A bill called The Mirion Preservation Act has been passed. Upon Arrival to their hometown of Olorminass A few soldiers accompanied by Belthar Skruck, assistant to Jemmas parents, tell her that they have to confiscate her ship to make sure it is not used.

Jemma and Deuce go see her parents at the Palace of Estel. They are greeted by Nolson and Mirideth Atlas. They are both being friendly as usual but Jemma knows there is some concern. They tell her that they are to be at Millo-Q main office at first light. That night Jemma has a dream of businesses shutting down, riots breaking out, and huge monsters coming from the ground and sky all being narrated by a lady with her flesh rotting off. When she wakes up she see’s something land in the outskirts of town. Her and Deuce pursue it. When they go, they just run into feral dog like Rinuan.

They investigate the crater and they do find a broken pod with a clear silver liquid residue.
The next day they go to Millo-Q main office to meet with Kristoph Milloquinn,Lavine Milloquinn, and Winslowe Milloquinn. after talking about her trip Kristoph and assistant Remy Tuloco wishes to speak to Mirideth and Nolson in private. Jemma overhears that space travel has been banned and Mirideth must announce that the price of nauran will triple. he threatens her and says that he wishes their alliance to be stronger by marrying winslowe to jemma. He briefly mentions Eru’s Veil, and says that law enforcement is working on it and he will have The Acumen Department take care of it if he must. It sounds like Jemma will be a prisoner and she wants to escape. The next moring Mirideth makes the Nauran announcement with Jemma and Nolson and the people go crazy. On Jemma’s way to meet Cain they see many people crying and some riots breaking out with businesses shutting down.

With no ship Deuce scans for shops where they will have the least probability of being caught. Cain Gretzler‘s shop is what comes up. it’s in one of the poorer districts in town bordering Onopalath. They first meet Odette, Cain’s wife who brings them to his office where he is cursing out a dude for selling his whole fleet of ships for cheap. He has a grenade lighter. He puts on The hit song from 2 years called “All the Nauran in the world” which is sang by Avandra Cole and produced by Melrose Dawn. the radio dj, dj snap says everybody you know this put your hands up. Cain has a crush on duece. He agrees to build them a ship from his remains.

On the way back home they get in a car chase. someone is following them on motorcycles. They are mainly elves and humans. When Jemma gets back home she has more wierd dreams. The next day they go to meet cain and more members of Eithelon come and destroy cain’s shop and begin to win the fight. Then Eru’s Veil comes in and Avandra Cole makes her intro. She wants to keep Jemma hostage but knows that she has nothing to do with whats going on. She reveals that she killed Melrose Dawn. Her friend is Maureene. She is gives Jemma some Dauran. She has a supply in Qualdra that lies in Onorpalath. They start to leave town and are cut off by Winslowe who supprisingly lets them go.

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